Current Easter Egg Samples

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During this virus lock down we are producing eggs full-time.  Please support our business by ordering these unique works of art.


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Current Pet Portrait Samples


Personalized Gifts

What better way to show someone that you care than capturing something they love in a unique and personalized piece of art?  Sports, teams, hobbies, locations, vacations, events, alma maters, milestones and professions are just a few examples.  Need a special bridesmaid or groomsmen gift?  Look no further.  Let Laurie design and produce it.

Faux Finishes

The term, “faux” comes from the French word which means, false. Walls, ceilings, floors can be given the appearance of wood, marble, or stone. It looks real, but it isn’t. That’s the beauty of a faux finish which adds texture and interest to a bare space. “Trompel’oeil, a technique adding depth, will convince the eye that what’s not there really is!

Need a dramatic change for a smaller space? I can freshen up your tired-looking furniture and enhance your home or office’s architectural features by giving them classical, Old World, or whimsical charm.

Wall Murals

Transform a residential or corporate space by a one-of-a-kind mural that communicates you or your business graphically.   Waiting rooms, foyers, children's rooms, outdoor spaces, accent walls, landings, entrances and exits can say something special that will cause visitors to remember their experience.

Meet Laurie Hamilton Smith

Are you tired of looking at blank, uninspiring walls? Murals, faux finishes, and fine art paintings can transform the plainest of them into stunning artwork, and architectural features can be customized to suit your tastes and showcase your personality.

Working with clients on an individual basis allows me the opportunity to create unique, personal designs which assure a distinct and comfortable atmosphere. My work can be seen in homes, schools, hospitals, churches, and businesses across the South and as far away as China.

Need ideas? You are invited to view my gallery and be inspired by the variety of options. Close your eyes; envision your new space then let’s get busy creating it!

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See something you like?

Perhaps something on my site has interested you.  Give me a call or shoot me an email and let's discuss how affordable a unique gift of art can be.